New Missions

It all started with five tents pitched under a grove of coconut trees. The year was 1983 and the tents belonged to George and Jeanne DeTellis, who had left the United States after 25 years in the pastorate to pioneer New Missions in Haiti. A banner hanging nearby read, “Haiti: Hope in God.” Who could have imagined how God would bless such humble beginnings!

Today, those five tents are a distant memory. Now in Haiti, New Missions has 26 churches, a medical clinic, 26 elementary schools, a High School, a Bible college, business school, and a Missions Training Center for hosting visiting teams.

Each day over 10,000 children attend school, receive a hot meal, medical care, school books, school uniforms, and the opportunity to hear the Gospel message of Hope that changes lives.

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New Missions Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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